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K4 Solutions Launches Business Mentorship Program

VIENNA, Va., April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — K4 Solutions, a leading provider of information technology, call center, and managed solutions to the federal government, has announced the formal launch of its Business Mentorship Program.

“We decided to formalize our Business Mentorship Program after successfully mentoring several small business owners in the DC metro area,” says Sumi Krishnan, Founder and President of K4. “We’re thrilled with the results our mentees have seen. To us, it’s all about taking business personally and seeing other small businesses grow and thrive.”

K4’s most recent mentorship endeavor benefited a sole proprietor based in Northern Virginia. K4 trained this sole proprietor in business growth and management through a hands-on approach with one of K4’s flagship programs, the USDA SNAP program. Since 2012, K4 has been successfully managing the USDA’s SNAP Intake and Processing center, serving both store owners and citizens who need SNAP’s assistance.

K4, like many successful 8(a) organizations approaching the end of their designation period, began to partner with other 8(a) companies in order to ensure seamless service to the end-customer. However, K4 decided to take this partnership idea a step further. Krishnan explains: “I realized that we had an opportunity to really help another business owner learn and grow. When we were a fledgling company looking to grow, we could have really used a mentor taking us under their wing. So, instead of just grooming an 8(a) organization in order to subcontract with them after our 8(a) status expired, like so many companies do, K4 decided to fully invest in and mentor the business owner himself. We’ve always been committed to giving back to our community, so this mentorship program was a natural progression of our corporate social responsibility efforts.”

K4’s leadership team, including both Sumi Krishnan and COO Nat Krishnan as well as their executive and business development teams, worked side by side with the 8(a) business owner, providing him a platform to learn about the intricacies of the SNAP contract as well as the processes, procedures, and best practices of serving the federal government. In addition to work with the SNAP program, K4 subcontracted a number of other projects to the mentee, enabling him to build past performance and earn a living as he learned. “Our goal was to provide the learn-by-doing experience that a start-up environment would usually provide – but without the mentee assuming any risk.”

The SNAP program successfully transitioned to the mentee in late 2014. In advance of the transition, K4 further developed the physical and technical infrastructure of the program as to not place additional capital burden on the fledgling business. K4 transitioned 51 percent of the workforce to the new mentee prime and continues to provide advice and guidance to the entire program team.

“We’re looking forward to continuing our support of other local businesses and business owners,” says Krishnan.

The firm plans to publish the results of its second mentorship program later this year.


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